Driver Development

RaceAway Track Time driver development provides the opportunity to develop your racing skills in a controlled and professionally staffed environment.

Our driver development programme  gives the driver a chance to improve their skills and learn from RaceAway's cadre of experience. Licensed instructors will apply a professional eye to your racing lines and driving techniques in a venue designed for safe spirited driving. Our objective is to ensure drivers are able to enjoy safe and fun day at the track whilst sharpening up your track times.

We tailor each driver development programme to the experience of the driver. From beginners to seasoned racers you will be provided with the ammunition to move you up the grid.  We recommend 2-4 driver development days through out the year.

Our professional instructors have experience in many styles of racing. Interested in a particular class of racing eg: one make series, endurance racing, production sports racing etc. please discuss this with us when booking so that we are able to design a programme to highlight your particular skill set. 


When - Driver development programmes take place through out the year. We recommend 2-4 sessions in dry and wet conditions. 

Where -  Our driver development days take place at Wakefield Park Raceway.  

Cars - Rent one of ours or bring your own.

Instructors - You will receive instruction from Phil Alexander.